Mistress V’s Boutique

I’m so excited to welcome you to my boutique, where you can purchase a variety of sexy and sensual items. I will be updating this selection to include lingerie, nylons, panties, and so much more. If you see me wearing something in a photo or video that you would like to have, let me know, because it just might be for sale. Come back and shop often. Tributes are always welcome, but you knew that already. Now, just do it!

Happy shopping!


Don't you want to own the very first one? Limited edition 6 x 6 collectible book of photos from my Instagram. I've selected some of my sexiest heel photos. Signed, sealed and delivered, from me to you! xoxo V



Nude Nylons

Selling my favorite nude thigh high nylons with lace top...xoxo


Mistress Victoria


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